2008 North American International Auto Show

The NAIAS is just as often called the Detroit Auto Show, and with good reason: it is the showcase for the Big 3, even in their weakened state. If it's a splashy introduction, Detroit is the place for it, even for the Germans and Japanese. Detroit isn't the biggest market for import manufacturers, but it attracts the most diverse mix of journalists of any American auto show. Ironically, the NAIAS is more of a massive media event than an auto show for the typical family. Some manufacturers tried to "out-green" each other with their concept and production vehicles that reduce or eliminate gasoline fuel. Yet the introductions of the new Ford F-Series and Dodge Ram pickups showed that this lucrative, but shrinking segment is not about to be neglected. Ultimately, the 2008 NAIAS highlights the quandary of the auto industry: how to remain profitable in an environment that demands massive investments in unproven and expensive technologies.