Although the GMC brand largely duplicates Chevrolet's truck products, strong "professional grade" branding keeps buyers coming back for more.

Powertrain refinements are the big story for 2009, with many changes intended to increase fuel economy. A new direct injection 3.6L V-6 in the Acadia increases horsepower and fuel economy. XFE models of the Sierra crew cab and Yukon SUV use improved aerodynamics and low rolling resistance tires to increase fuel economy by 1 MPG. The availability of a six-speed automatic transmission on the Yukon model should also help.

Introduced last year on the Yukon, General Motor's two-mode hybrid system finds its way in to the Sierra Crew Cab for 2009. The elaborate transmission and battery pack boost fuel economy, but allow the Sierra to retain the truck characteristics that buyers are looking for.

GMC's small truck the Canyon receives optional V-8 power this year.

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