The Volkswagen brand embarked on a wild ride in the U.S. market, as VW flirted with the idea of becoming a premium automaker. Several years later, affordable and practical models like the Rabbit have helped VW regain some lost momentum.

The rejuvenated GTI has been big news for VW this past year. For 2008, the limited-edition R32 will join the U.S. lineup. The R32 features all-wheel-drive and a 250hp V6 engine to set it apart from other Rabbit/Golf variants. Pricing starts at $33,000.

Volkswagen's solid SUV, the Touareg sees a number of changes for 2008, the most visible of which is new front-end styling. The Touareg has a comprehensive list of engine options including V6, V8 and V10 power. Pricing starts at $40,000 and ranges up to $70,000.

A new compact SUV, the Tiguan will join the lineup this year, while the Jetta gets a compact wagon model. A new line of diesel engines will also return to VW in 2008.

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