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Although the ascendancy of Toyota has been a big story, Honda has been quietly enjoying success on a lineup that has half as many models as Toyota. Honda's solid reputation for quality, high resale values, and fuel efficiency has earned the trust of buyers in just about every key segment in the industry. Honda's Fit, new CR-V and Civic are all selling strongly, and the Odyssey minivan has a real chance of outselling the Dodge Grand Caravan.

An all-new Accord is always noteworthy, but the 2008 Accord has grown significantly in size and wears decidedly more aggressive styling than last year's model. The new Accord is three inches longer, one inch wider and almost one inch taller, which results in a car that is almost five inches longer than the Toyota Camry. Power output is up significantly in both four-cylinder and six-cylinder models. Aggressive styling changes make for a handsome coupe model.

Honda has also updated the Odyssey for 2008. A new front fascia and reworked taillights are the biggest visual differences. Updates like audio input jacks and Bluetooth availability address some minor shortcomings. The expensive Michelin PAX run-flat tires are now optional on the Touring model.

Next up for Honda is an all-new Pilot crossover.

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