If the industry handed out awards for prudence, Honda would be a regular recipient. By carefully analyzing and managing the new products it brings to market, Honda bestows many fine qualities to the cars it brings to market. Honda cars are renowned for their utility, economy and high resale value.

The big news at Honda for 2007 is the introduction of the third generation CR-V. Where the CR-Vs logical competitors have moved their products up market by increasing size and wedging a small third row of seats in the back, Honda has kept the CR-V true to its original size and design. The one thing that has not remained the same is the styling. The new CR-V is perhaps the most strikingly styled CR-V to date with a curved profile replacing the outgoing models exaggerated boxiness. The Honda Element, which was based on the CR-V, has been updated for 2007 adding more horsepower, and a new SC model. The painted fender option has become standard for all EX models.

With last year's movement of the Civic farther upscale, Honda left room for a new entry level vehicle. The new Fit fills that niche by offering a tall-profiled, five-door hatchback with high fuel-efficiency and utility. With pricing starting at $14k, the Fit fills the same role at Honda that the Scion models do for Toyota.

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