The Dodge brand is the volume seller for Chrysler, and thus receives a number of key products for 2008. One such product is the all-new Dodge Avenger Sedan. Dodge sorely needs a solid entrant in the fiercely contested midsize segment. Avenger is a variant of the Chrysler Sebring, although it wears distinctive styling that is clearly inspired by the larger Charger sedan. Avenger offers FWD, AWD and a choice of three powertrains.

Another key product is the all-new Dodge Grand Caravan. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of the new minivans to the company. Offered only in long wheelbase form, the new Grand Caravan is about 2 inches longer than the model it replaced. Styling has changed substantially from the rounded jellybean shape to a more boxy and truck-like exterior. The new model offers three powertrains, a range of convenience features, and three distinct seating options to ensure that there is a model to suit a wide variety of buyers.

After taking 2007 off, the Viper returns in 2008 with an 8.4L V10 engine producing 600 hp. The wild coupe and convertible come in a number of eye-popping colors. In other performance news, the Caliber SRT4 finally enters production as a 2008 model. The SRT4 fights for traction through the front wheels with a 285-bhp four-cylinder turbo and six-speed manual transmission.

Dodge is Chrysler's main truck outlet. The smaller Dakota trucks receive updated styling for 2008, and now wear a more traditional squared off front end. An updated 4.7L V8 engine now produces over 300-bhp.

Next up for Dodge is a production version of its popular Challenger muscle car concept. Intended to be a Mustang fighter, initial versions will be high-dollar, high-performance models. Later in the model year, Dodge will add an all-new crossover vehicle named Journey.

The Dodge Magnum will end production in 2008.

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