Toyota is rapidly approaching world domination in the realm of automobile manufacturers. With a reputation for dependable, fuel-efficient vehicles, Toyota cars end up at the top of many shopping lists, and for many, a Toyota purchase is an automatic decision. Toyota offers a full-line of vehicles that fill both standard vehicle categories, as well as many niche vehicles like the FJ Cruiser SUV.

Toyota's most visible new product this year is the Venza 5-passenger crossover. Although it is arguably a Camry station wagon, the Venza offers optional AWD and a five-inch taller profile to appeal to the SUV crowd. The interior features front bucket seats, a pronounced center console and a 60/40 split rear seat to expand the cargo area. Toyota offers the Venza with a choice of four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines, each mated to a standard six-speed automatic.

Although Toyota has recently focused on trucks and SUVs, their car lineup receives a shot in the arm for 2009 with the introduction of an all-new Corolla, Matrix, and a new five-door Yaris subcompact model.

The popular Toyota Corolla is in its tenth generation; the latest model is slightly wider and lower than its predecessor. Otherwise, Toyota has been conservative with the changes to one of its top selling models. Unlike the Corolla, its hatchback variant, the Corolla Matrix has dramatically different styling. The second generation Matrix has a lower roofline and a thick c-pillar, losing the small wagon look of the first generation. Aside from the roofline, the Matrix is otherwise unchanged in size.

The Highlander and RAV4 also receive some attention for 2009. The Highlander adds a new base model powered by a four-cylinder engine for improved fuel economy. The RAV4 also features a new four-cylinder engine that improves power and efficiency. Front-end styling revisions and changes to standard equipment are part of the RAV4 makeover.

Next up for Toyota will be the launch of an all-new Prius hybrid.

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