The BMW lineup is a flurry of activity for 2006. Most importantly, an all-new 3-Series sedan and sport wagon bow for 2006. (The new coupe and convertible will show up next year.) BMW appears to have pulled off the balancing act that is required when updating an icon like the 3-Series. A blistering V10-powered M5 sedan debuts giving status seekers very credible bragging rights. The 5-series sedans receive a completely updated set of engines and an all-wheel-drive model. An all-wheel drive sport wagon model also joins the lineup. The 7-Series receives a modest styling update and a new 360 hp V8. A similar upgrade in the 5- and 6-series results in 550i and 650i models. The Z4 roadster receives updated six-cylinder powertrains that match those introduced in the 5- and 3-series models. The M Roadster returns powered by the 3.2L six from the M3.

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