The Toyota Motor Company founded in 1937 has grown to be the world's top automaker. With a reputation for dependable, fuel-efficient vehicles, Toyota cars end up at the top of many shopping lists, and for many, a Toyota purchase is an automatic decision. Toyota offers a full-line of vehicles that fill both standard vehicle categories, as well as many niche vehicles like the FJ Cruiser SUV.

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For many, the way a car performs is a key criterion for which car to purchase. Our Velocity Index helps determine which vehicles are the best all-around performers taking in to consideration a balance of factors such as acceleration and handling. A higher number is better.

Model Velocity Index
Toyota Avalon 51-63
Toyota Camry 48-63
Toyota Venza 45-58
Toyota Sequoia 43-56
Toyota Highlander 40-55
Toyota RAV4 44-50
Toyota Sienna 42-49
Toyota Corolla 31-49
Toyota 4Runner 33-46
Toyota FJ Cruiser 36-45
Toyota Land Cruiser 45
Toyota Tundra Crew Cab 26-45
Toyota Prius 39-44
Toyota Prius v 41-42
Toyota Tacoma Access Cab 15-42
Toyota Tundra Regular Cab 32-41
Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab 15-39
Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 24-39
Toyota Yaris 5d Liftback 25-36
Toyota Yaris 3d Liftback 28-34
Toyota Prius c 34
Toyota Tundra Double Cab TBD

Note: Bar graphs denote the composite performance for the model. "*" indicates models with incomplete data.

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