New or Significantly Altered Models

2013 Lexus ES
A new Lexus ES joins the lineup for 2013. The new model wears updated styling on a body that is a little longer and taller than before. The new design retains the lines of the prior model adding a new grille to match that of the models that Lexus restyled for 2013. The ES350 retains its 3.5l V6 and six-speed automatic. The big news is the inclusion of the ES300h which is the first hybrid model for the ES. The hybrid powertrain is the same 2.5l four-cylinder gas engine and electric motor combination found in the Camry.
2013 Lexus GS
The Lexus GS is all-new for the 2013 model year. The new styling loses its smooth curves in favor of a more chiseled and angular appearance. The new model is almost identical in length, but slightly wider. Two models are offered: the GS 350 and the GS 450h. Both are powered by a 3.5l V6 engine. The GS 350 is offered in both RWD and AWD. The hybrid GS 450h is only available in RWD.

Updated Models

2013 Lexus LS
The Lexus flagship sedan is updated for 2013. Exterior styling changes include an updated front end to match other 2013 Lexus models. The interior has a new instrument panel. LS 460/LS460 L models see an increase in power and torque.
2013 Lexus LX
The LX skips the 2012 model year and arrives for 2013 with updated front end styling, new body molding and a restyled rear bumper. The new front styling includes a restyled grille to match that of the redesigned 2013 GS. Upgraded headlamps are now HID with LED daytime running lamps. The LX also receives updated instruments and minor trim changes on the inside.
2013 Lexus RX
The 2013 RX wears revised front end styling which matches other new 2013 Lexus models.

Mostly Unchanged

2013 Lexus CT
2013 Lexus GX
2013 Lexus IS
The six-speed manual on the IS250 has been dropped.
2013 Lexus IS C
The six-speed manual transmission has been dropped.


2012 Lexus HS
2012 Lexus LFA