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2017 Chevrolet Cruze Hatch

At a Glance

Pricing $21,320 - $25,920
Drive Types FWD
Engines 1.4l I4 T, 1.6l I4 T D
Transmissions A6, A9, M6
Fuel Economy 27-30 (city), 37-48 (highway)

What Changed:

The Cruze hatch adds an optional 1.6l turbodiesel engine.

Official Word:

HERE'S THE STORY Ahead of its debut at the North American International Auto Show, Chevrolet today introduced the 2017 Cruze Hatchback. Developed with all the technologies and dynamic driving attributes of the all-new 2016 Cruze sedan, the new hatch adds a functional and sporty choice for customers. It joins Colorado and Trax as the latest Chevrolets to push into new segments. PRODUCT DETAILS The Cruze Hatch has the same, class-leading 106.3-inch (2,700 mm) wheelbase as sedan...Read.

Model/Trim/Package Engine MPG VjI Base Price
Cruze Hatch LT 1.4l I4 T (153-bhp) M6 FWD 27/38/32 54 $21,320
Cruze Hatch LT 1.4l I4 T (153-bhp) A6 FWD 29/38/33 51 $21,920
Cruze Hatch LT 1.6l I4 T D (137-bhp) M6 FWD 29/48/38 51 $25,520
Cruze Hatch LT 1.6l I4 T D (137-bhp) A9 FWD 30/45/37 52 $25,920
Cruze Hatch Premier 1.4l I4 T (153-bhp) A6 FWD 28/37/32 54 $24,020