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2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

At a Glance

Pricing $183,000
Drive Types RWD
Engines 6.2l V8
Transmissions SM7
Fuel Economy 14 (city), 20 (highway)

Our Ratings

Velocity Index 85

Overview Information

Mercedes' latest super car entry is the SLS AMG and serves as the flagship for the brand. Drawing on their heritage, Mercedes-Benz designers have created a car with gull wing doors evoking the classic 300SL of the 50s. The styling of the SLS is unique in other ways. It has a long straight hood with the greenhouse near the rear of the car and a short stubby trunk. The SLS AMG is powered by a hand-built 6.2l V8 engine rated at 563-bhp. A seven-speed dual clutch transmission is the only available transmission. With a starting price of under $200,000, the flagship SLS AMG has a modest price tag considering the asking price of other cars in the segment and in Mercedes' own product range.

What Changed:

The SLS AMG is a new supercar entry from Mercedes-Benz. The exterior styling evokes the classic 300SL with its gull-wing doors and long hood. A hand-build 6.2l V8 and seven-speed dual clutch transmission power the rear wheels.

Official Word:

The all-new 2011 SLS AMG supercar is now the flagship of the auto industry's broadest product lineup. The Mercedes-Benz design and performance standard-bearer, the limited-production gullwing coupe is the first-ever car designed and developed from the ground up by Mercedes-AMG, the company's high-performance division. The new SLS AMG features a lightweight aluminum space-frame body with gullwing doors and a 563-horsepower dry-sump V8 engine. With its front-mid engine and rear-mounted, dual-clutch, seven-speed transaxle, the compelling SLS AMG...Read.

Model/Trim/Package Engine MPG VjI Base Price
SLS AMG 6.2l V8 (563-bhp) SM7 RWD 14/20/17 85 $183,000