2007 Ford Interceptor

At a Glance

Drive Types RWD
Engines V8
Transmissions M6

Ford returns to its muscle car roots with the gorgeous Interceptor concept. Equipped with a Ford Racing 400-bhp 5.0L Cammer V-8, and a 6-speed manual, the RWD Interceptor is a car that harkens back to the burly Ford sedans from the Sixties. In a nod to the environment, the 5.0L derivative of the production 4.6L V-8 can run on E85 ethanol. Huge 22-inch alloy wheels dominate the profile of this sleek sedan. Unfortunately, Ford chose a solid rear axle for the Interceptor chassis, which is an unwelcome throwback to the past.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
Interceptor V8 M6 RWD TBD