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Every full-sized truck vehicle that Chevrolet makes has been thoroughly re-worked and restyled. On sale since early in 2006, the 2007 Tahoe and Suburban wear new sheet metal and boast new interiors that clearly show how crude their predecessors were. The Avalanche truck, which is derived from the Tahoe/Suburban, also wears significantly cleaner and more refined styling inside and out. Fortunately, the Avalanche retains some of the clever features that made it so unique. As important as the full-sized SUVs are to Chevy, it would be hard to overstate the importance of their all-new full-sized truck line for 2007. The Silverado trucks have been restyled and are clearly differentiated from their GMC Sierra counterparts with unique exterior styling. In addition to a myriad of cab, powertrain, and bed choices the new Silverado also features two significantly different interiors based on trim level. Re-engineered powertrain offerings across the full-size truck and SUV line extend the reach of cylinder deactivation and flexible fuel technologies. The previous-generation Silverado will be sold as "Silverado Classic" alongside the new model during changeover. The Canyon truck line benefits from a displacement and horsepower increase. The rest of Chevrolet's significant lineup is relatively quiet by comparison. The Equinox receives a number of mid-cycle improvements. A restyled Aveo sedan helps bolster the more inexpensive and fuel-efficient side of Chevy's lineup. The SSR and Trailblazer EXT models are no longer offered.

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