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Pontiac was the subject of some controversy in 2005 when the automotive media got a hold of the idea that GM might eliminate the brand from its portfolio. GM officials denied the possibility and vowed to give Pontiac a line of distinct products to differentiate the brand. Arguably the best Pontiac in a long long time, the all-new RWD Solstice provides the only credible alternative to the Mazda Miata roadster. (A sibling of the Solstice will be sold as the Saturn Sky). A handsome new compact SUV dubbed the Torrent will be used to fill the void left by the departed Aztek. (Unfortunately, the Torrent is very similar to its sibling, the Chevrolet Equinox). The G6 lineup greatly expands this year with the addition of a coupe, a hardtop convertible, an entry-level sedan and a high-performance GTP sedan. The G6 is a solid offering.

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