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2006 Lotus Europa

Lotus has replaced the long-running Esprit with new Europa S. Although Lotus positions it as a GT, the Europa S is still a lightweight at 995 kg. (2,194 lbs.), which is less than most compact sedans. A bonded and extruded aluminum chassis, combined with composite body panels are responsible for the low curb weight. The Europa S has an Ecotec 2.0L turbo with 200-bhp/194 lb.-ft. mated to a 6-speed manual. Although peak power is lower that expected, Lotus optimized this engine for low-RPM torque (90% of max. torque is available at 2,000 RPM). Claimed 0-60 mph is in 5.5 seconds, with 100 mph arriving in about 14 seconds. Maximum speed is 143 mph. Unfortunately, the Europa S will be sold everywhere except the US and Canada.