Infiniti is getting an attitude (re)adjustment. The revitalization of Nissan is also paying big dividends for its upscale division.

Introduced last spring, the G35 sedan is garnering praise from all as a viable 3-series contender. High on performance, with just the right balance of sport and conservatism the G35 should be taken seriously.

Along with the G35 sedan, comes a bit of a surprise. The 2+2 G35 sport coupe appears as a more mature version of the Nissan Z car. The low-slung rakish appearance will help this car stand out from it's likely competitors.

Also new for 2003 is the M45 sedan. Although it may not photograph well, the distinctive, sinister styling will leave an impression on you as it struts 345hp under the hood. Priced at 45k, the M45 may be the ultimate sleeper car.

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