2024 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Bronze Package

At a Glance

Pricing $42,585 - $59,995
Drive Types RWD, AWD
Engines EV
Transmissions A1
EV MPGe 90-106 (city), 81-98 (highway)

What Changed:

The Mach-E adds a Rally model with raised suspension and unique body trim.

Official Word:

The world is about to witness the power and agility of EVs in a new way with the Ford Mustang Mach-E(R) Rally. It joins the Mustang Mach-E family and pushes electric vehicles in a different direction, the first-ever rally-inspired EV from Ford takes Mustang freedom and fun onto dirt roads. "Just a year ago, this was merely an idea, and what you see today is a testament to the passion and intense creativity of our Model...Read.

Model/Trim/Package EL Engine MPG VjI MSRP
Mustang Mach-E Select EV (264-bhp) A1 RWD 106 / 98 / 102 (MPGe) $42,585
Mustang Mach-E Select eAWD EV (325-bhp) A1 AWD 95 / 88 / 91 (MPGe) $45,390
Mustang Mach-E Select eAWD ER EV (365-bhp) A1 AWD 103 / 94 / 99 (MPGe) $48,890
Mustang Mach-E Premium EV (264-bhp) A1 RWD $46,185
Mustang Mach-E Premium ER EV (264-bhp) A1 AWD $48,890
Mustang Mach-E Premium eAWD EV (325-bhp) A1 AWD $49,885
Mustang Mach-E Premium eAWD ER EV (365-bhp) A1 AWD $51,890
Mustang Mach-E GT EV (480-bhp) A1 AWD 95 / 85 / 90 (MPGe) $53,995
Mustang Mach-E Rally EV (480-bhp) A1 AWD 90 / 81 / 86 (MPGe) $59,995

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