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2011 Volvo S80

At a Glance

Pricing $39,150 - $47,000
Drive Types FWD, AWD
Engines 3.0l I6 T, 3.2l I6
Transmissions A6
Fuel Economy 18-19 (city), 25-28 (highway)

The S80 is Volvo's largest sedan, but not by much. Compared to other vehicles in the luxury segment, the S80 is actually smaller than midsized offerings like the BMW 5-Series and Audi A6. The base S80 is offered with a 3.2l six-cylinder engine and front-wheel-drive. The higher priced T6 model equips a more powerful turbocharged six-cylinder engine and all-wheel-drive. The S80 has a healthy list of standard equipment.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
S80 3.2 3.2l I6 (240-bhp) A6 FWD $39,150
S80 3.2 Premier Plus 3.2l I6 (240-bhp) A6 FWD $40,300
S80 3.2 Platinum 3.2l I6 (240-bhp) A6 FWD $43,000
S80 T6 AWD 3.0l I6 T (300-bhp) A6 AWD $43,150
S80 T6 AWD Premier Plus 3.0l I6 T (300-bhp) A6 AWD $44,300
S80 T6 AWD Platinum 3.0l I6 T (300-bhp) A6 AWD $47,000