C3 Pluriel Charleston: a stylish nod to an illustrious predecessor



The eternally youthful C3 Pluriel turns heads with its original body lines, electric sunroof, four real seats and versatile character. With 105,000 units sold since launch in 2003, it remains a uniquely desirable object that attracts and thrills.

Citroën has produced a special version of the C3 Pluriel for the 2008 Paris Motor Show, featuring the design theme of the famous 2CV Charleston. Because it has the same DNA and values as its illustrious predecessor - creativity, optimism, style, versatility and uniqueness to name but a few - the C3 Pluriel was the natural choice for this celebration of the 2CV's 60th birthday. The Charleston version will be launched before end-2008 in France and in early-2009 in other European countries.

Contemporary reinterpretation of Citroën history

The C3 Pluriel has since launch played on a strong emotional register, identical to that of its illustrious predecessor, the 2CV, with which it shares the same DNA of creativity, optimism, design, versatility and differentiation.

The C3 Pluriel Charleston is a nod to Citroën's past, updated with the brand's present-day vitality, style and quality. It is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Marque's history.

These transgenerational qualities make it appealing to a broad public. The C3 Pluriel Charleston will strike a chord with a large swathe of motorists, from nostalgic 2CV fans to style disciples looking for an individual, image-enhancing car.

Style and elegance

The C3 Pluriel Charleston stands out most of all with its two-tone body paint. Black joins with Bordeaux to marry the curves of the C3 Pluriel's wheel arches and wind forwards, where they follow the flow of the wings and bumper. The vitality of the design is underlined by a light-coloured adhesive trim that separates the two colours. For more pizzazz, the vehicle features gloss black door handles and registration plate surround. It is also fitted as standard with 15-inch aluminium wheels, with red embellisher centres that enhance the wheels and lend them extra elegance.

The interior of the C3 Pluriel Charleston is strong on sophistication with, according to the market, a marriage of leather seats, steering wheel and braid with chrome air vent surrounds and gearstick. As stylish inside as it is outside, the ultra-chic Charleston is positioned at the high end of the C3 Pluriel range.