2007 Acura TL

At a Glance

Pricing $33,725 - $38,225
Drive Types FWD
Engines 3.2l V6, 3.5l V6
Transmissions A5, M6
Fuel Economy 17-18 (city), 26-27 (highway)

The TL is Acura's upscale offering based on the popular Honda Accord platform. For about $34,000, you get a stylish sedan with superb interior quality and a 5-speed automatic transmission. The TL's 258-bhp V6 engine provides lots of power. For the performance enthusaist, the Type-S ups the ante to 286-bhp and offers a six-speed manual transmission. The quality 5.1 audio system is a unique feature for a luxury car in this price range. Overall, the TL is an excellent value. The sole suggestion to improve this FWD vehicle would be to add an all-wheel drive option to manage torque steer more effectively.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
TL 3.2l V6 (258-bhp) A5 FWD $33,725
TL Navigation 3.2l V6 (258-bhp) A5 FWD $36,225
TL Type-S 3.5l V6 (286-bhp) M6 FWD $38,225
TL Type-S 3.5l V6 (286-bhp) A5 FWD $38,225