2007 Hummer H3x

At a Glance

Pricing $29,405 - $39,240
Drive Types 4WD
Engines 3.5l I5
Transmissions A4, M5
Fuel Economy 15 (city), 19-20 (highway)

Hummer has expanded the product line to include the midsize H3 SUV. An unusual 3.7L I-5 borrowed from the Chevy Colorado powers the H3. The smaller H3 has the best fuel economy in the Hummer lineup. Stabilitrak® stability control provides additional safety on the road. Transmission options include a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual. For off-pavement excursions, the H3 has an electronic locking differential and a 2-speed transfer case. An Adventure package offers larger tires for enhanced capability off-road. Hummer claims that the H3 can ford 24 in deep water at 5 mph, and climb 16 in steps or rocks.

What Changed:

The 3.5L I5 has been replaced with a 3.7L inline 5-cylinder rated at 242 hp and 242 lb-ft of torque. Stability control becomes standard across the model range. A H3X limited edition will be offered.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
H3 3.5l I5 (242-bhp) M5 4WD $29,405
H3 3.5l I5 (242-bhp) A4 4WD $31,100
H3 Adventure 3.5l I5 (242-bhp) M5 4WD $31,480
H3 Adventure 3.5l I5 (242-bhp) A4 4WD $33,175
H3 Luxury 3.5l I5 (242-bhp) M5 4WD $32,635
H3 Luxury 3.5l I5 (242-bhp) A4 4WD $34,330
H3 H3x 3.5l I5 (242-bhp) M5 4WD $37,545
H3 H3x 3.5l I5 (242-bhp) A4 4WD $39,240