2002 Hummer H1

At a Glance

Drive Types 4WD
Engines 6.5l V8
Transmissions A4

The original Hummer (now called H1) has an improved differential system, new 17-inch wheels, and new exterior colors. A 195-bhp/6.5L V-8 turbodiesel and 4-speed automatic are standard. Full-time 4WD, ABS, and CTIS tire inflation system are standard. A 12000 lbs. Warn winch is optional. The H1 has two body styles: 4-Door Open Top and 4-Door Wagon.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
H1 6.5l V8 (195-bhp) A4 4WD TBD
H1 Open-top 6.5l V8 (195-bhp) A4 4WD TBD
H1 Wagon 6.5l V8 (195-bhp) A4 4WD TBD