2001 Audi Allroad

At a Glance

Drive Types AWD
Transmissions M6-speed

The allroad (note the lower case "a") is Audi's sophisticated A6 Avant wagon given the pseudo-SUV treatment. Like the Subaru Legacy/Outback models, the allroad offers increased ride height, all-wheel drive (quattro), and body cladding. The Audi does have adjustable ride height (5.6"-8.2" ground clearance) and a 2.7L 250-bhp twin-turbo V6 to separate it from lesser wagons. The allroad exceeds the 7.1" ground clearance of the BMW X5 and matches the Land Rover Discovery.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
allroad (250-bhp) M6-speed AWD TBD