New top diesel model with biturbo V8: performance to the fourth power



Torque and intelligent all-wheel drive come together in the new Porsche Cayenne S Diesel in the form of 850 Newton-metres of torque and Porsche Traction Management (PTM) to deliver performance that is practically unrivalled. This is the first time that Porsche is employing an eight-cylinder diesel, which immediately assumes the top position in its market segment for power, torque and efficiency.

It is also the world's only diesel V8 to offer an automatic start/stop function in this market segment. While the Cayenne Diesel with a V6 engine represents top efficiency with as much sporty performance as possible, the new Cayenne S Diesel impressively demonstrates top sports performance with as much efficiency as possible. The new V8 engine with two turbochargers always keeps a powerhouse of energy in store for the driver to call up at any time; it reacts with sporty spontaneity and performs with excellent efficiency under all circumstances. The PTM distributes the engine's powerful propulsive forces according to the specific driving situation, precisely and individually to all four wheels; in interplay with the Cayenne chassis it converts this power into forward propulsion and dynamic performance with unrivalled effectiveness. The optional Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV Plus) distributes engine power in an even sportier way.

Specifications of the new top diesel model:

Cayenne S Diesel

4.2-litre biturbo V8 engine with 382 hp (281 kW); eight-speed Tiptronic S; Porsche Traction Management (PTM) with active all-wheel drive; acceleration 0 - 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds; top speed 252 km/h; NEDC fuel consumption 8.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 218 g/km.

The Cayenne S Diesel offers a driving experience that is typical of a Porsche and is yet completely new. It is emotional like a sports car, with regard to both its vehicle dynamics and its sound. Smooth engine running and the sound of an eight-cylinder reach the same levels as those of previous Porsche V8 engines. Yet, its diesel operating principle yields a level of fuel economy that makes the Cayenne S Diesel an ideal and comfortable touring vehicle for long trips: based on NEDC fuel consumption values, the car can cover about 1,200 km on a single fill of the optional 100-litre fuel tank.

In its exterior appearance, the new top diesel model is an uncompromising Cayenne S as well, and it exhibits the typical characteristics of the eight-cylinder versions. For example, black fins on the front end call attention to its open air inlets. Silver-coloured brake callipers also emphasise the sporty character of the new member of the model series. As in the Cayenne Diesel, "diesel" badges on the front wings display the working principle of the V8 engine. The model logo at the rear identifies it as a Cayenne S. Standard Cayenne S III wheels visually accentuate the car's styling.