Fresh, individual and chic: Paris World Premiere for Opel ADAM



The all-new ADAM, Opel's chic, urban small car, is expected to turn many heads at its world premiere at the "Mondial de l'Automobile" (September 29 to October 14, 2012) when its virtually unlimited potential for customization is revealed. A broad collection of different ADAM models is displayed at the Opel booth (Hall 5.2, stand 501), showcasing an enormous choice of trims and personalized options. They enable visitors to see the many innovative customization solutions for themselves created by Opel designers and engineers - including for instance stylish headliners, back-lit instrument panel decors and colored wheel clips. In addition to the ADAMs on the stand, interactive displays and configurators allow the public to discover further individualization possibilities and to design their own ADAM according to their individual tastes and needs.

With the all-new ADAM, Opel is entering the growing fashion-led A-segment. Measuring almost 3.70 meters in length (1.72 meters width excl. mirrors), the Opel ADAM is an agile and funky three-door perfect for urban environments with driving dynamics for outside the city. Inside its cabin, the Opel ADAM offers seating for four people who benefit from a premium-inspired atmosphere and a high degree of roominess unusual for a small car.

On the outside, it combines a bold, powerful design with potential for almost unlimited personalization, making each car totally unique. The Opel ADAM also provides premium technologies from upper segments, including the new IntelliLink onboard infotainment system which integrates the owner's smartphone in the car (Android and Apple iOS) and thereby makes selected internet-based applications available in the cabin. A new generation Park Assist system that automatically parks the car and a power steering system including a "light touch" CITY mode are perfect for the ADAM's natural urban environment.

"We are very excited about the Opel ADAM. It offers an outstanding blend of personality, agile modern mobility and a sense of freedom. It captures the spirit of young drivers - and those who are young at heart," says Opel deputy chairman of the management board, Thomas Sedran. "We are combining all this emotional appeal with the best of German engineering and quality. That's why we're sure the Opel ADAM will be a big hit - here in Paris and beyond."

The fashionable ADAM rounds off Opel's A-segment offer alongside the 5-door Agila, which makes a strong statement with its high level of functionality and its practical strengths. The ADAM targets especially trendy urban customers who are looking for a car that expresses their personal style. Experts predict the lifestyle-orientated sub-segment to grow steadily over the next years. Prices for Opel ADAM are being announced in the course of the Paris Motor Show when order books are officially opened. The Opel ADAM will start arriving at dealerships by early 2013.

Fun to drive on city streets and country roads

With a range of three efficient engines and a chassis geared towards agile driving dynamics, the Opel ADAM is not just at home on city streets but also on country roads.

The ADAM will initially be offered with three gasoline engines (1.2 l 51kW/70 hp, 1.4 l 64 kW/87 hp and 1.4 l 74/100 hp) combined with a five-speed manual transmission, enabling top speeds of up to 185 km/h. All powertrains are available with an ecoFLEX technology pack including fuel-saving Start/Stop technology. Fuel consumption is as low as 5.0 l/100 km, with CO2 as little as 118 g/km making the ADAM an efficient and economical urban car.

Later on, a small gasoline engine of a totally new generation will also be offered in the Opel ADAM, featuring direct injection and turbocharging for further enhanced efficiency and performance. This new engine will be combined with an all-new generation six-speed manual transmission.

The ADAM benefits from an agile and crisp chassis with a compact wheelbase of 2311 mm. It is combined with a surprising, wide tread of 1485 mm in the front and 1478 mm in the rear which give the ADAM its solid stance on the road and ensure excellent stability. MacPherson struts have been fitted to the front axle. The rear axle features a torsion beam compound crank design. Wheel sizes range from 15" to 18", and cars that are specified with 17" or 18" rims come standard with a more responsive Sports chassis and steering feeling. The sports chassis is also offered with 16" wheels. The ADAM's Electrical Power Steering (EPS) includes a dedicated CITY mode which at the flick of a switch increases power assistance at lower speeds - particularly useful for maneuvering. The comprehensive ESP of the latest generation is also standard in all ADAMs and comes complete with many useful sub-functions such as Hill Start Assist.

A second generation Park Assist system that identifies parking spaces and automatically parks the car is introduced in the Opel ADAM and enhances its urban vocation.

Bold exterior with iconic silhouette and premium inspired interior

ADAM introduces Opel's award-winning design philosophy of "sculptural artistry meets German precision" to the fashion-led A-segment. And unlike other rivals, ADAM is truly innovative and bucks the trend of retro-based design with a modern, bold and original look.

ADAM's striking and unique "floating" roof which is visually disconnected from the body allows a perfect execution of a two-tone color combination. The car's name badge is - unlike with most other cars - placed at the end of the chrome "signature" window molding on the rear pillar, which adds to its unique appeal. In the wide front grille, the ADAM has been given the new wing-shaped chrome bar with the embossed Opel emblem as introduced in the new Astra line-up. On the flanks typically sculpted Opel design cues such as the blade in the lower door and the characteristic crisp "shock wave" around the door handles are reminiscent of the Astra GTC. The headlamps feature wing-shaped daytime running lights (DRL), also typical for Opel. For the first time in the A-segment, both the headlamps and the taillights are available with state-of-the art energy-saving LED technology.

The interior design delivers what ADAM's upmarket exterior promises: style and premium inspired ambience in a remarkably spacious environment for a small car. With sculpted, harmonious surfaces and graceful flowing lines just like its bigger brand brothers Astra, Meriva and Insignia, the ADAM rounds off Opelīs brand promise in its latest and smallest declination. The new ADAM-exclusive round, chronograph-style instruments and chrome bezeled switches convey an aura of sporty precision.

Just Unique - virtually no ADAM looks like the other

The new Opel ADAM is expected to grab a lot of attention at the Paris show not only because of its unmistakable design - even more due to its virtually unlimited customization options. Thanks to a wide range of exterior colors, a broad choice of wheel designs plus many interior trim options including different decor panels, ambient lighting packages and an array of headliners, the ADAM is Opel's new champion of personalization. So virtually no ADAM looks like the other, making every car just unique.

Instead of offering a conventional trim hierarchy, the ADAM breaks new ground with 3 different trim worlds or "moods". They set the scene for the first level of individualization: ADAM JAM is bold and funky, appealing to the very fashion conscious customer out there; ADAM GLAM is elegant and stylish, targeting the people with refined tastes; and ADAM SLAM is quite masculine, sporty and streetwise. On the next level of customization, owners can choose from 3 option packs for each of the 3 trim worlds: so, ADAM JAM, ADAM GLAM and ADAM SLAM can all be further sharpened and tailored to individual tastes with the "Two Tone" black and white pack, the flamboyant "Twisted" pack or the bold "Extreme" pack. On the exterior, customers can already choose from a spectrum of 12 body colors which names evoke cultural references movie lovers will immediately feel familiar with - such as "I'll be Black", "Papa don't Peach", "Purple Fiction", "James Blonde", "Saturday White fever" and "Buzz Lightgreen". To go with each body color there is a matching and personalized car key. So even when the owner has parked the ADAM, a highly original and personalized piece of the car always remains with him or her.

ADAM's roof can also be given the same color as the body. However, for a more contrasting effect, three roof colors can be combined with any body color: the glossy "I'll be black", the light cream "White my Fire" and the dark and rich "Men in Brown". Further personalization can be brought by three different external decal packages (ADAM JAM Splat, ADAM GLAM Fly and ADAM SLAM Stripes) that are applied to mirrors and other parts of the car, for example the sides and rear.

In total the ADAM offers 31 different wheel designs and colors with sizes ranging from 15" to 18". Even after the customer has taken delivery of the ADAM, some 18" wheels featuring completely new color clips can be personalized even further: Different sets of colored clips are available that are easily clipped onto the five spokes of the rim. Colors can be individually combined according to individual tastes. No other car offers such wheel inserts.

Unique and fresh interior moods with backlit interior decor

Inside the cabin there is also a wealth of personalization possibilities, starting with the decoration panels on the dashboard and the doors that can be ordered in about a dozen different painted colors, 6 different foil colors with decorative patterns and 2 different backlit foils. New replacement panels can be ordered separately so that the car can constantly be personalized and tailored to the changing tastes of the owner - or to changing owners. Two of these decors can be backlit via LEDs, creating a soft, glowing appearance that is absolutely unique in the automotive industry.

This exclusive design element is combined with an ambient lighting package that illuminates the door pockets, center console and passenger footwell. As part of the ambient lighting package, at the touch of a button, 7 different light colors can be selected to set the tone for the interior which once again underscores the ADAM's unparalleled wealth of personalization.

Inside of the cabin the roof can also be personalized to suit every taste ranging from a large sunroof that fills the ADAM with natural light to the starlight headliner illuminated by more than 60 LED lights creating the impression of a starry night sky. In addition, 3 different printed motif headliners with clouds, autumn leaves or checker board graphics can also be ordered.

Creative packs add extra appeal to the Opel ADAM

In addition to the vast variety of decor and color options, there are a further 6 different packs that add extra technologies or appearance details to the ADAM.

Those wishing to create an even sportier ADAM can opt for the OPC Line Pack with more aggressive-looking bumpers and spoilers. Those who wish to improve visibility can order the Sight & Light pack including safety features such as the rain sensitive wiper system.

Customers who want to better prepare their ADAM for winter driving conditions can do so by opting for the Winter Pack including seat heating in the front and a heated steering wheel - another unique feature in this segment that many customers will appreciate.

IntelliLink brings home and friends into the Opel ADAM

IntelliLink, Opel's very latest infotainment system, has its debut in the ADAM, making it one of the best connected cars on the market. IntelliLink offers drivers a high degree of convenience and flexibility by bringing owner's smartphone capabilities into the vehicle. In that sense the IntelliLink infotainment experience brings the owner's personal environment, home, friends and favorite entertainment into the car. This makes the ADAM just as personal as the contents kept on the smartphone, entirely in line with the philosophy of the ADAM - Opel's champion of personalization. But the advantages of IntelliLink do not end there: the system works for both Android and Apple iOS based smartphones.

The Opel IntelliLink infotainment system brings content from the smartphone onto the seven-inch, high resolution, full color touch-screen display. Connectivity is provided via USB or Bluetooth for mass storage devices, including MP3 players, iPod, iPad, etc. So the ADAM driver can for instance select his or her personal soundtrack anytime and anywhere. This means that the smartphone, in effect, functions in the same way as a hard drive would in an embedded infotainment system.

IntelliLink uses latest technology and is intuitive to use, offering real-life benefits to drivers. Phone calls can be made without dialing: The driver can select a name from the stored directory, touch the call function and project the call through the vehicle speakers. Personal playlists, photo galleries, phone books, other stored media and data can also be accessed easily. Videos or personalized slide shows can be viewed when the ADAM is stationary.

Selected apps that are compatible for smartphones using both Android and Apple iOS operating systems can be downloaded from the internet. For example, a navigation system app will be made available which offers maps for Western and Eastern Europe. The app always remains on the phone and the ADAM owner will be able to continue his journey on foot or by bike using the navigation system.

Another useful App which will be offered for IntelliLink is Stitcher, a global podcast internet radio that lets users listen to programs live or after they have been broadcast. Once Stitcher is downloaded onto the smartphone, the ADAM owner can access more than 10,000 podcasts on demand, radio shows and live stations around the world via the IntelliLink touch-screen.

The AM/FM double radio tuner can be combined with DAB digital radio offering a broad choice of listening. And for those who want the ultimate sound experience in their ADAM, an Infinity sound system with eight speakers is available.

Flexible urban mobility - Opel ADAM with FlexFix bike carrier

The ADAM benefits from a unique feature that makes urban mobility cooler and easier than ever. Visitors to the Opel stand at the Mondial de l'Automobile can see and experience for the first time its optional, fully integrated FlexFix bike carrier. This clever device is exclusive to Opel and gives ADAM owners the ability to engage in modern urban mobility, either at the wheel of their car or on the saddle of their bike. The FlexFix bike carrier helps to make busy urban life even more stress-free with the ADAM. It can be used in a spontaneous way, entirely according to one's taste, the weather, traffic conditions and the environment.

The FlexFix bike carrier is integrated in the rear bumper and is therefore always available. It is very easy to use and does not require any tools or additional devices. When it is not in use it disappears almost invisibly like a drawer in the rear bumper. With the Opel ADAM the lockable system can take a bike weighing up to 30 kilograms so that even e-bikes can be transported. An optional clip-on adaptor ensures that a second bike weighing up to 20 kilograms can be carried. In that sense FlexFix becomes a flexible mobility solution that can be shared by two people.

Thanks to the low loading height of the carrier, the bikes can be easily attached to the stable and user-friendly holders inside the rails at the rear. This way the task of securing the bikes before transport is ergonomic and easy on the spine, in contrast to roof racks where one must lift the load high over the head. Even when fully loaded, FlexFix can be tilted in such a way that the tailgate of the ADAM can still be opened, allowing easy access to the trunk. In addition, FlexFix can be combined with a park assist system preventing from dents and scratches while parking.

With the FlexFix system, those who fancy a quick bike ride will be able to do so everywhere and anytime, and not only in urban areas, but also in the countryside. The Opel FlexFix bike carrier system is already available in various versions across the Opel model range. Opel is still the only car maker that offers such a fully integrated system, which further enhances ADAM's already enormous ability to cater for every personal taste and lifestyle.