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At a Glance

Pricing $16,875 - $21,855
Drive Types RWD, 4WD
Engines 2.7l I4
Transmissions A4, M5
Fuel Economy 18-21 (city), 20-25 (highway)

Our Ratings

Velocity Index 37

Overview Information

The utilitarian Tacoma Regular Cab offers a choice of an economical 159-bhp 2.7L I-4, combined with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic. The cargo bed inner liner is made of SMC plastic to minimize corrosion. A 2WD Pre-Runner variant is a lower cost option for customers who don't need 4WD. With a maximum payload of 1,380 lbs., and up to 3,500 lbs. towing capability, the Tacoma Regular Cab is best suited for light-duty cargo requirements.

What Changed:

The 2012 Tacoma wears a new hood, bumper and grille on the outside and an updated instrument cluster on the inside.

Official Word:

The Toyota Tacoma, still the best-selling compact pickup truck in the U.S. market by a wide margin, offers a restyled exterior look and a redesigned, upgraded interior in all models for 2012. New changes add comfort, usability and audio/infotainment performance. Toyota sold more than 106,000 Tacoma models for 2010, outselling its nearest competitor by nearly two-to-one. For 2012, Tacoma shows a fresh face with a redesigned hood, grille, headlamps and front bumper, among other changes. Inside,...Read.

Model/Trim/Package Engine MPG VjI Base Price
Tacoma Regular Cab 2.7l I4 (159-bhp) M5 RWD 21/25/23 37 $16,875
Tacoma Regular Cab 2.7l I4 (159-bhp) A4 RWD 19/24/21 35 $17,775
Tacoma Regular Cab 2.7l I4 (159-bhp) M5 4WD 18/20/19 21 $20,725
Tacoma Regular Cab 2.7l I4 (159-bhp) A4 4WD 18/21/19 19 $21,855