2012 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

At a Glance

Pricing $34,800 - $58,930
Drive Types RWD, AWD
Engines 1.8l I4 T, 3.0l V6, 3.5l V6, 6.2l V8
Transmissions A7, SM7
Fuel Economy 13-21 (city), 19-31 (highway)

The compact C-Class sedan is the smallest and most inexpensive Mercedes sedan sold in the United States. Numerous models are offered with alphanumeric names that are tied to the powertrain. The C250 equips a 1.8l four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The C300 equips a smaller 3.0l V6 engine and the C350 upgrades to 3.5l V6. The high-performance AMG variant is the C63 AMG which has a 451-bhp, 6.2l V8 under the hood. All C-Class sedans have an automated seven-speed transmission. The C300 model is offered exclusively with 4MATIC all-wheel-drive. The other models are rear-wheel-drive only. The C-Class carries a high level of standard equipment, but like other Mercedes models, the base price does not include leather upholstery.

What Changed:

The C-Class wears updated styling in the front and rear. On the inside, the dashboard has been restyled. A number of powertrain changes include a new 7-speed automatic transmission, more powerful V6 engines and the return of a four-cylinder model.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
C-Class sedan C250 Sport 1.8l I4 T (201-bhp) A7 RWD $34,800
C-Class sedan C250 Luxury 1.8l I4 T (201-bhp) A7 RWD $35,220
C-Class sedan C300 4MATIC Sport 3.0l V6 (228-bhp) A7 AWD $38,020
C-Class sedan C300 4MATIC Luxury 3.0l V6 (228-bhp) A7 AWD $38,430
C-Class sedan C350 3.5l V6 (302-bhp) A7 RWD $40,575
C-Class sedan C63 AMG 6.2l V8 (451-bhp) SM7 RWD $58,930