The Swedish company Saab has a rich history in aviation and automobiles. With Saab Automobiles under GM control, the products have suffered as GM attempted to integrate Saab with its other European interests. The current lineup includes the 9-3 series, 9-5 series, and a version of GM's midsized SUV, the 9-7x.

For 2009, Saab extends the availability of its new AWD system. All-wheel-drive becomes standard on all V-6 powered 9-3 sedans and wagons and optional on four-cylinder models.

As of February 2009, the future for Saab became murkier as General Motors sought to shed brands to improve its fortunes. Saab had sought reorganization in Sweden and for a while appeared to be sold to Koenigsegg. As of November 2009, Saab has not been sold and will be discontinued by GM if no buyers are identified by the end of 2009.

The next planned products for Saab are a new compact SUV dubbed the 9-4x and a replacement for the 9-5 sedan.

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