For many, their mental image of a German sports car looks like a Porsche 911. For decades, the heart of the Porsche lineup has consisted of the stalwart 911 in a dizzying array of models. The lineup has expanded around the 911 to include the competent Boxster roadster, Cayman coupe and the Cayenne SUV.

After a major update to the 911 in 2005, Porsche has been slowly moving 911 variants to the new architecture. The most recent additions have been the Turbo and Turbo Cabriolet.

Porsche's Cayenne enjoys a significant refresh for 2008. The Cayenne boasts new front-end styling with a different face for each model. A direct-injection engine powers each of the new models: a 4.8L V8 in the Cayenne S, GTS and Turbo, and a 3.6L V6 in the base Cayenne. The Cayenne also benefits from equipment changes.

Next up for Porsche is the launch of an all-new 4-door product line.

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