2008 Lexus IS-F

At a Glance

Pricing $30,555 - $56,000
Drive Types RWD, AWD
Engines 2.5l V6, 3.5l V6, 5.0l V8
Transmissions A6, A8, M6
Fuel Economy 16-21 (city), 23-29 (highway)

The first generation IS came to Lexus by way of Toyota. While the RWD entry-level Lexus was quite competent, it was never quite as solid as its siblings. The new IS a purpose-built Lexus with the refinement, gadgetry and flawless execution to match. On paper, the new IS poses a credible threat to the standard-bearing 3-series. Two V6 models are offered: the 200hp IS250 and the 300hp IS350. The IS250 is offered in both RWD and AWD. All models feature six-speed transmissions, but only the RWD IS250 offers a stick.

Model/Trim/Package Engine Original MSRP
IS 250 2.5l V6 (204-bhp) M6 RWD $30,555
IS 250 2.5l V6 (204-bhp) A6 RWD $31,725
IS 250 2.5l V6 (204-bhp) A6 AWD $34,185
IS 350 3.5l V6 (306-bhp) A6 RWD $36,005
IS F 5.0l V8 (416-bhp) A8 RWD $56,000