Cadillac has enjoyed a resurgence of attention over the last few years. This is largely due to the success of the Escalade series of large SUVs and trucks. The Escalade has returned Cadillac to the realm of status vehicles. Although the Escalade has brought in hefty sales and fat profits, it is the passenger car end of the lineup that holds the most potential for Cadillac's future. As a result, the redesigned CTS and mildly revised STS demonstrate that GM realizes it cannot neglect the luxury car segment.

The revamped CTS is one of the outstanding new cars for the 2008 model year. With the CTS, Cadillac has refined and perfected its styling idiom into an attractive and shapely sports sedan. A well-executed and desirable interior complement the new exterior styling, replacing what was a somewhat sub-standard interior before. The midsize rear-wheel-drive CTS features a well-proportioned chassis, powerful V6 engines and six-speed transmissions. With itsnew styling and performance, the CTS is well positioned to take on luxury sedans from both Japanese and European manufacturers.

The revised 3.6L V6 with direct injection also becomes the standard engine for the upscale STS sedan. The STS also wears new front end styling that echoes the CTS and the new Escalade line of SUVs and trucks.

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